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In 2022 Topshot will complete the second stage of our range rollout. This will be in the form of a dedicated open plan members range to host IPSC & Steel challenge type club events. Topshot members will have the benefits of club supported firearms, weeknight competitions and much more. The range has been designed for shooters by shooters with things like quality lighting and positive air-conditioned airflow as a must. More details will be available as we get closer to completion.


The Topshot’s club goal will be to help all shooters to enjoy the sport. We want to build a close nit shooting community that is family friendly and welcoming to people from all walks of life. We will be placing an emphasis on helping new shooters regardless of gender or age to get the best experience out of club level competition that many of us grew up with but can be harder to find these days.  

Shooters who are already licensed pistol owners from other clubs looking for more details about our members range can come to check out the facility and shoot their own pistols on our gallery range. Note shooters must make a booking to discuss the firearms they have and the availability of our Non-Toxic ammunition to suit. Call us for further details.


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